We are from the Old School.

At Ipswich Cabinetry, we work in the tradition of the finest custom cabinetmakers, our experienced team handles every aspect of your project.  The same craftsmen work with you throughout the project - from the first collaborative design meeting, through the exacting construction process, to the painstaking installation.  This seamless integration produces consistent, reliable, high quality results for your project.     Our Representative Clients List

What Are Our Strengths?

   We Love What We Build

We are, First and Foremost, a company of experienced artisans who take ownership of the excellent work we produce.  We believe every step is worth doing well, whether it is hand-selecting the plank that will produce the best grain match for a particular location or taking great care in sliding a finished cabinet through a narrow opening, protecting both it and its new home from damage.  We choose to take a bit more time to value each day's work.


    We have Intense Focus

Before we start production, every design detail is in place.  Once we start production, we work on your project exclusively from start-to-finish.  Our clear focus reduces the potential for errors, accidental damage, missing parts and miscommunication.


    We Have a Consistent, Committed Team

Our craftspeople, and the extensive skills and knowledge they represent, are our most valuable asset. We invest in them by providing excellent wages and benefits, a safe and well-equipped workplace, flexible schedules and the opportunity to grow professionally through education. In return, they are fully invested in delivering an excellent product and exceptional service. That may mean working late on a Friday night to wrap up a client’s installation before the weekend; the job gets completed on time, every time.


We Strive to Exceed Every Client's Expectations!

     We have Community Ties

Ipswich Cabinetry is a hometown team, as you’ll see on the list of architects and builders we partner with.  Referrals are the foundation of our continued long-term success, and we take pride in doing the best job possible for our neighbors. As a company, we are committed to giving back to our community in a variety of ways, and our owner is an active participant in the home-building efforts of Cape Ann Habitat for Humanity.




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